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Hello. I would like to find (or develop using PHP) an email list management tool for my website. I have tried several different WordPress plugins, and all are seriously lacking in one aspect or another. Might someone be able to suggest a suitable backend that I can install on my website? Or, what would you suggest as a starting point, if I were to develop my own management tool? My initial thoughts have been to put it on a separate WordPress page, so I could then use the WordPress APIs to generate the content of the email that I would like. Are there some PHP functions that could be used send out emails?


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There are a lot of scripts of the type you are talking about available on the web, and Google can point you to them (or you could just start by cruising, which has a large selection).

Generally, given the load that large collections of WordPress plugins can place on a server, I would avoid trying to add that functionality in that way.

Whether using an existing script, or developing your own, I suggest the best “starting point” would be the DreamHost ToS and the anti-spam policy (take a look at also), given the very specific requirements involved in complying with these policies.

Because of these requirements, I generally no longer recommend any such tools, and believe that the best way to handle email list management is with DreamHost’s own list tools (which are compliant with these policies, unless you abuse them.)

Of course, that is just my opinion and you may feel differently about that. :wink:

PHP has several mail related functions, and they are all described on


Hello Parker. Yeah, DH support pointed me in the same direction, which I’m investigating now:

`There is a way to simplify this somewhat, but you need to take some extra
steps initially. Set up a submission form on your site, and create an
email address where people would send their add requests, and set it up
with an autoresponder in the panel. The autoresponse would contain the
URL to your submission form and instructions. Once they submit their
address in that form, they will automatically get a confirmation request,
and if they confirm, they will automatically get added to your list.

Help to set up the submission form:,_PHP,and_Databases/_Announcement_Mailing_List

Autoresponder on the panel:;

So, this is just a bit of extra initial work, but it will automate your
list additions, and will also ensure the proper opt-in process to keep
our mail servers safe.`

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Got it working! Thanks for the help!

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