Email API?

I believe the answer is no, but is there yet an API for DH where we can create email accounts or aliases, set passwords and limits, and perform other functions available via the panel?

I can think of MANY uses for such a beast!


no there is not! and i would love to have the aliases creating API’s because i make new aliases for virtually everything.

I asked this a long long time ago and the basic answer I got was that would facilitate reselling email so no.

see also the second to the bottom paragraph on

Necromancing this old thread back to life because it’s still a daily thought…

I use a service to create anonymous/disposable email addresses that I give to untrusted entities, websites, etc. I have over 600 of these addresses and my wife has over 400. This is a completely legitimate service, paid monthly, never used for spam. When I get inbound spam I delete the account and never hear from the source again. I’d like to be able to do this on my own here at DH with our paid, hosted domains. Why? Because even as a trusted service, this other company and every other email service I know once in a while gets flagged for abuse whether justified or not. RBLs used by random servers will block our traffic until people can beg and negotiate an unblock. Sometimes an RBL will block entire IP classes because of some server completely unrelated to my service. I know this has happened to DH before, but I think DH might have better control over this situation than other smaller companies.

I’ve been a client of DreamHost for about 7 years now, have several domains, lots of apps, and dozens of databases. You’ve had my credit cards on file for years. We have a trusted relationship. I think I and others like me can be trusted not to abuse the services and risk getting shutdown. I have too much to lose and no desire to be malicious, unlike typical spammers who will use and abuse a service only as long as they can until they’re caught and completely banned.

I’m hoping DH can include this as an API topic for consideration: Offer email user creation/deletion via an API so that we trusted clients can create interfaces which allow us to create and manage email accounts for specific domains outside of the default panel. I understand this can be abused by untrusted entities - anything can be abused and if that was the only consideration none of us would be doing any kind of business. Figure that into your decision while considering the desires of your trusted clients.


I’m pretty much in the same boat as Starbuck: I also make a bunch of disposable addresses I use for various sites, so that I can easily identify where new spam has gotten my address from. This means I have quite a lot of addresses by now. It would be great if I could write up a small script to introduce a new mail to the “collection”, instead of having to go through the web interface - it would be both faster (I only have to POST a request, not GET a bunch of web pages first) and easier (I wouldn’t have to navigate the “Add e-mail” page and select proper dropdowns etc.). Please do consider this.

Bumping. Any new thoughts on the old topic?

I’ve juste created a PHP API that create and delete email accounts from the dreamhost web panel.

You can check it out here:

Wow - code looks secure, haven’t tried it yet. There’s always a chance that screen scraping like this is going to break with a tiny change to a web page. But as long as DH doesn’t have an official gripe with this I think it’s a great work-around until they do offer something official.

Thanks you VERY much, @danielribeiro!

I have too much to lose and no desire to be malicious, unlike typical spammers who will use and abuse a service only as long as they can until they’re caught and completely banned.