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Just wondering if anyone can help me, I no longer get the Dreamhost email announcements to my specified address. The real problem, is that I also get the passwords sent to this address (you know how when you change your password in the administration panel?).

So, now, I don’t get anything, I don’t get the passwords, I don’t get the announcements…so where are these emails going? I used to get them, but they just suddenly stopped.

To err is human, but to really stuff up requires a computer.

Sounds like they’re getting filtered or blocked or something. You don’t mention what email address you’re talking about (whether it’s an ISP account, an account with a domain you host with us, a freemail account, or what), but send in a support message about it if you haven’t already.

A few suggestions:

  1. Check with your ISP to see if they’re doing any sort of filtering or blocking that might be affecting these messages.
  2. If you have server-side or client-side filtering setup, make sure we’re not getting tagged as junk mail somehow.
  3. Add a secondary contact that’s a different email account with another provider, and see if that one works.
  4. Have support check the mail logs and see if the messages are being accepted.

Lastly, is the address an email address at one of your domains we are setup to host, but which is actually hosted elsewhere?

The account is the main account that I have with Dreamhost. It’s the default email that comes with your initial sign up with dreamhost if that makes sense (don’t wanna post the email address here in case of spam). I’m checking the email through the webmail panel through dreamhost’s squirrel webmail.

In answer to the last question, the email IS at one of the domains dreamhost is setup to host, and I haven’t changed anything.

To err is human, but to really stuff up requires a computer.

interesting, I just tried a test email to that account from another email account…and it bounced.

ok, so why is this happening?

btw, other email addresses at the same domain are working fine.

To err is human, but to really stuff up requires a computer.

Could be any number of reasons. I’d doublecheck that the address exists (Mail -> Addresses in the panel), and then send support a copy of the bounce if you don’t see an obvious problem there.

okay, thanks for all your help. I’ve found the problem. The mailbox existed, but the email address wasn’t listed until “Addresses”, so I guess there was nothing to refer the email to that email box.

Thanks for helping me figure out the source of the problem. Feel kinda stupid that I didn’t figure that out on my own.

{insert blushing smiley here}

To err is human, but to really stuff up requires a computer.