Email and FTP problems

Is anyone else out there on a dedicated server having trouble with Email and FTP services? I’m beginning to feel like a little fish in a big ocean with two open tickets, one for almost 23 hours and the email down ticket for over 4 hours. I’ve got over 40 domains that this is effecting!

unforturnatly / forturnatly as this is a dedicated server it’s probably restricted to your machine. Did you mark your ticket as high priority?

Sorry to hear you’re having problems though. I’m sure DH will solve your problems ASAP.


As I thought – just my luck. I marked it an emergency. Since the power outage I have had nothing but trouble with my machine. Maybe it got fried. Mail service config has failed over and over again. I guess I thought the managed service would avoid this. FTP and shell account password was changed without my knowing, then a database issue. All in all DH has been wonderful and I’ve been with them since oct 2001 – so a couple bad days are not that awful, but clients without email is very, very bad! I cringe when I hear my cell phone ring.

If you have not tried it, you can use the dedicated server emergency support email and phone numbers in cases like this. Contact our support team if you do not know about those.

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