Email alias problem


Hi, I set several alias, as an example: to forward to my personal email.

None of the alias work, I have messages such as this one returned by mailer daemon:

Remote host said: 554 Relay access denied

Any one has a clue as how I can resolve this problem ?



If this is a recent setting give it some time to work around the DreamHost systems and the Internet.
Otherwise double check your work. If you have several domains check that you have created the alias using the correct domain from the drop-down list.
Do they show up correctly in your ‘manage addresses’ section under ‘mail’, and without clock icons?



Everything seems to be setup properly :frowning:
Tried today still not working.



I would give support a try in that case then if it is not working after a day.



This is what I did.

All they said is that they can do nothing and that it is the fault of gmail (my personal email where the alias of my domain is forwarding).

However I highly doubt that gmail is the culprit.
Has anyone ever tried to forward emails to a gmail email ?



Several of my sites are set up to forward to gmail addresses, and they work flawlesslessy, except, or course, during the occasional gmail outages.

Also several of my CMS/forums etc systems generate emails via PHP to report on new posts, etc, and several of them send to, which are only alias’s that forward, sucessfully, to gmail accounts.



Sorry I had not deduced you were using gmail.

In your gmail account have you changed the outgoing from address to match the DreamHost one?

Also did you look through the DreamWiki to see if the gmail entries there helped?



Thanks for your answers.
Just got a test email from dreamhost support at the my alias: it got correctly forwarded.

Why it works with them and not with me, is beyoung my understanding.