Email alias problem

I used to have a list with the old panel for my emails…now all the alias are active…and I have 2000 spam mails! Can anyone help how to just make a list of 10-20 emails I want to use for my domain pop3 account, then I can just add as I go and not get so many virus attempts…
thanks in advance, Melinda

Please don’t double post. Use the post in General Troubleshooting for further replies.


So thats really mean, you dont answere the question, but email me and publically emabarrass me, thanks, I’ve been with dreamhost 8 years and this is what I get?

Double posting is rude, and wastes people’s time. Someone may answer your question in one area, only to find they’ve wasted their time as someone else allready answered it.

I would have, but I’m un-familiar with the subject matter.

I never E-mailed you, nor would I be able to as I don’t know your E-mail address. Please don’t make false accusations.

If you’ve really been with dreamhost for 8 years, then by this point you should know that this is a customer forum, as in customers post here, not support staff. Any person ofcially representing Dreamhost who posts here is denoted as such by their user name (and a special little flag) If you’re a bit patient, I suspect someone else will be able to help you out with your question.

If you need Techincal support, use the form in the panel.


I havent been posting with you!!! someone else has…now stop being a child and please stop this now befor you get into trouble…double posting isnt rude, people make mistakes like you not knowing the answer

Please calm down. matttail is right about double posting - it is extremely irritating for people who answer questions. That being said, I’m not fully understanding what your problem is. I recommend rephrasing your original post and providing more details - but please do so in the thread you started in General Troubleshooting, because it is a more appropriate place.

Simon Jessey
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[quote]mattail: Please don’t double post. Use the post in General Troubleshooting for further replies.
scjessey: Please calm down. matttail is right about double posting
ardco: Obviously, your usual policeman-like, control freak-like, response feels like jumping all over their case, and does not make them feel welcome.
Sophisticated, experienced forum participants such as you’all should have a more sophisticated approach.
Remember the most important actual written “rule” for this forum: “Last but not least: Be nice!”
The “be nice” portion of both Matt’s and Simon’s posts were quite evident; note the opening use of the word “please” in both of their responses. “Experienced” forum participants, in this instance, were at least nice enough to respond with a polite request, and “sophisticated” enough to do it publicly so that other unwary newbies can also glean the benfits of their polite request. In technical fora outside of DH, newbies pulling a multi-post are often flamed to a crisp by regulars and sometimes even given a couple of weeks “time-out” by grumpy admins - NEITHER of which occurred here.

There was absolutely no “policeman-like” action taken, and your adjudication of “control-freak” is likewise completely unjustified, not to mention violating the “Be nice!” clause within forum participation, so “pot, kettle, black” for that notion.

Multi-posting most certainly is inappropriate (whether a written rule or not) in ANY technical support forum, and politely requesting that it be avoided in the future is in no way out of line (publicly or privately), especially considering the amount of help I see rendered by both Matt and Simon within the confines of these fora.

And so, I have one tiny bit of non-technical advice for you and “aussieagility”:
And possibly a bong-hit or two, if you’re into that sorta thing.

I’m all about making a reply to waster your time, since you started it.

Sophisticated, experienced forum participants such as you’all should have a more sophisticated approach. I suggest the following when you and your irritable comrades-in-forum-arms observe multi-posting. Answer one post/thread only, preferably the first post; post absolutely nothing in response to later redundant posts. Politely mention, in only that first thread, in a positive and encouraging way, your OPINION and suggestion regarding decreased efficiency of multi-posting, for all involved. If you experienced, sophisticated forum experts can’t get your “stuff” together enough to do something like that, then don’t continually blame it on the newcomers.[quote]

The one problem I have with that, and it’s a big one, is that often I the first post, reply to it, sometimes even take time to find code examples, only to see that I’ve wasted my time becuse other’s have allready replied. That’s what bothers me. So enless you sigguest that I’m overview the entire forum, and then go back and reply, it’s a bit of an issue.

And as far as the last forum rule, b=of being nice, I think actions speak louder than words - (in reply to “STFU”)

Have a wonderfully hapy day. (being nice)


yes, this is what irritates people. If someone asks a question in one forum category that doesn’t get a response they can try asking again in another category. But posting the same question in multiple categories at once to “cover the bases” is rude.

I notice here that “General troubleshooting” usually gets the quickest response even if a question really belongs in another category.

I’ve been reading this flamewar… My opinion is that double-posting is rude, regardless of there being written rules against it or not. Farting is rude too, but is there a law against it? Just don’t do it, and others will be nicer to you in return. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

I practically never look at the forum index. I have bookmarked the link “Past 48 hours” instead, and just monitor that single list (with the &Limit=50 instead of 25).

I really don’t know why this is the case; nonetheless, he is right about that and I’m not at all proud of it.

Simon Jessey
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