Email Alias and reply Confusion


I have an alias address called I want every and all members to be able to use this address to send messages to all members in the predefined list of 150 members. You may be restricted to 30. In the “From” field of the recipients email , I would like it to show the address of the sender so they can reply to that individual sender. Is this possible. If so, I need some help in the set-up.

Thanks in advance.


Have you checked out the Knowledge Base regarding Discussion List?

Alleged Cybersquatter - knows a thing or two about domain names

Yes I have. When I send to a list of 126 members, the address is not found. Not sure if any member sender could reply either. Knowledge Base does not offer details of function.

Thank you.


Thanks for the note. Yes, I’m looking at the options mentioned. I’m not sure if Dreamhost allows you to do what I want. I think it’s quite simple what I’m needing, and a little surprised if Dreamhost cannot do this,and if they can’t, ,they should! Or perhaps, I’m just really blind - having a brain fade and overlooking something here.

I’ll try to explain this again. If I have a group email list, i.e., members@mydomain.whatever of 100+ members I’ve entered, I want any member to be able use this address to email other members on the list. I don’t need them to subscribe. I’ve already included them onto this list. They are getting the mail whether they want to or not. I also want them to be able to reply back to that person sending the message. This would be like a group list in Yahoo, only anyone can use this address from anywhere. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help and would really like to get over this hill !