Email again down


here we go again, but that time we can’t send emails, all the company is going to kill me because that is not the first time, but like once a month something is really wrong with the emails…how can this happen? dreamhost isn’t one of the top ten webhosting company?
How is their server services? does that kind of problem happen also over there?..


Did you get a 450 server error like i did too? Just wanted to see if we’ve got the same issue here. Thanks


Yes same here; 450 : server configuration error… is Dreamhost sleeping?
looks like, I’ll be killed by my boss before they fix it…


Well, looks like we’ve got the same problem. We can’t do nothing much but wait it out i guess. I can receive but can reply or send new emails at all at the moment. I hope they’ll get it fix soon too but gotta cut them some slack since I figured it’s not an easy problem (maybe) who knows?


I don’t know if it’s easy or not, but it’s there problem… mine is that we are migrating to another webhost soon if we cannot send those important emails…


count me as another one. Most frustrating.