Email advice re new charges on account

Hi…periodically we get an email advising us of new charges for domain renewals, annual subscription renewal, etc. Each time I have to log in and work my way to the screen where I can click the link to open the pdf invoice and print it for our accounting dept. Is there any way you can attach that pdf to the email to make life a bit easier for us? Thanks for considering that. Tom

You can download the PDF version to your computer and send it as an attachment from the same place in your panel where you can print the invoices. Here is our help page with detailed instructions:

In short just make sure to select the ‘Download PDF Invoice’ option and save the invoice to your local PC and you should be able to send it off as an attachment.

I think what the OP is asking for is for the PDF invoice to be attached to the email which Dreamhost sends him. But doing that might be considered bad business practice for a number of reasons.

Actually, if you have Dreamhost in your browser’s bookmarks and are willing to have your browser’s password manager remember your password, it is only five clicks to download the invoice.

  1. click on Dreamhost bookmark
  2. form is pre-populated, click on ‘sign in’
  3. click on ‘manage account’ in ‘quick links’
  4. click on ‘what are these charges?’
  5. click on ‘download PDF invoice’

It took less than 20 seconds from a standing start, and that is using a geostationary satellite and a laptop pointing device. I think that someone with a proper mouse and a terrestrial internet link could do it in 5 seconds.

But if anyone can locate a host where one can download the latest invoice in four clicks or fewer, I will consider moving to them.

I have an existing account/hosting with you…am having big problems logging into my site etc…am putting in my email address and password but keep getting refused…the accounts I have with you is…and…as a matter of urgency i need to get this resolved as i know my hosting invoice needs to be paid soon and i don’t want to lose the hosting from you…could you please respond asap to this message…i can be contacted on [HIDDEN PHONE NUMBER]…please send any emails to …obviously don’t send anything to the other emails as i can’t access them…regards…chris mooney

See my response to your General Troubleshooting post.