Email Administrator privileges

I have a request for a user to take control of setting up email accounts and passwords for a domain / account I control as a webmaster.

Is there a recommended way of doing this.

FYI I have played arround with account privileges and uses but it appears that this new user may get more access then I want to give them.

How is this done - suggestions greatly appreciated.

Webmaster (Various since 2000)

What is it about Account Privileges that you don’t like? That’s pretty much your only option here.


looks like I need to give access to manage Domains inorder for them to access or create new email addresses.

If they have access to domains they have a number of privilges like

  1. creating one click installs
  2. Manage users like my FTP account (or delete it)
  3. Delete or modify domain /sub domains

… I just haven’t gone through all of them all I want them to do is manage mail.

I’m just concerned that curiosity will get this guy into trouble - bottom line is I don’t trust this user and I’m concerned that the restrictions are not tight enough.

I’d also like to see the menu limited to what they can do and not see the other stuff.

Webmaster (Various since 2000)