Email address with redirected domain


I’ve searched the wiki and the forums and haven’t turned up an answer to this question.

I’ve created email addresses for a domain which is with DH and redirected, not fully hosted. Control Panel has allowed me to create them up but when I configure may mail program to use them(i’ve tried both POP and IMAP), the server doesn’t work (I’m using

Can you use email addresses for a redirected domain? If so, where can I find the proper settings?


Without knowing the there is no way to check for a dns entry for

Does webmail work?

Did you re-direct the entire domain by changing the nameservers, or did you just redirect web traffic?

Since most of us are just customers and have no ability to look up your domain name, it’s a pretty tough question to answer unless you tell us the domain name. You could also open a ticket with support.


Thanks for the reply!
The domain in questions is, and I used the redirect in the domain manager. I didn’t change the DNS.

Webmail will login, but gives me this error:
ERROR: Could not complete request.
Reason Given: [SERVERBUG] Internal error occurred. Refer to server log for more information. [2012-04-27 07:22:46]

Where would I find the server log?

I’d be happy to open a support ticket but thought i’d try the forums first.



DNS seems to be resolving correctly. You need to contact support. Mail logs aren’t available directly to customers, but support can check them.


Will do, thanks for the help!