Email address now spam-free? Without filtering?


I’m currently hosting a domain here at DreamHost that for several years was being hosted at another host. At that time, one of the email addresses at that domain got so overloaded with spam that I simply gave up on it. It received dozens of spams a day, probably more. I’d get warning messages from the system that I was approaching overcapacity and had to go clean it out with an SSH delete command, as there were too many pages of junk to do manually. When I moved the domain to DH, I didn’t even bother recreating the address.

The other day, I created that address here at DH, mostly out of curiosity, but also because I would ideally like to be able to use that addy. I did NOT enable the DH junk filter and so I expected my main Inbox to immediately start filling up with spam. But so far it has not.

Since that address has not existed for a little over two years, and any mail to it has been getting bounced (I tried sending to it just before recreating it and received a hard bounce permanent failure notification) , is it possible that it was removed from the spammer lists, and is now once again an unknown “virgin” address? Do spammers really bother to cull their email lists of dead addresses? I realize that can be done automatically, but would they? Does that account for that address going spam free? Or have I just hit a dry spell or not waited long enough?

Anyone have any insight into this? I’d love to be able to use that address without dealing with junk.



Give it time. Almost any guessable email address will get spam. My personal addy only got about 10 spam messages (TOTAL) in the past month.