Email address display weirdness

In Apple’s ‘Mail’ my email address shows up as


Scroll over it and it says ""

Jalpuna! - personal blog
this is the box - radio blog
robsdemo - what I do

I’m guessing that the realname portion of your email address isn’t being quoted properly, so the mail server (one of the webmail servers) is appending its own hostname. If you have your name as:
A. Radencic or something (i.e., if there’s punctuation or special characters within your realname), you may need to quote it.

This really should be taken care of by whatever is generating the mail, so assuming you’re using webmail, this might be a minor squirrelmail bug.

I know this is an old question here, but my email name (not the address, but the name in front of it) shows up in weird characters sometimes.


What the heck is that? And it is (of course) intermittent, and I can’t figure out what the factors are.

What mail client are you using? And where are you seeing this? In your Sent box?