Email address catch-all question

Lately I’ve gotten fed up with the stupid spammers spoofing my website domain. I get bounce backs directed to gibberish address names that do not exist, but because of the catch-all, they end up in my inbox. :frowning: Really hate it. I have gone to great lengths to make sure my real address can’t be culled, and the *$%@!!! spammers send stuff to gibberish accounts.

Now, I’ve fiddled with the catch-all in the past and gotten burned, and thus have just left it alone. I don’t want to mess with something that might impact my normal email addresses. I don’t really feel this is urgent enough to bug support, so I figured I’d ask a question here first.

My question is, if I delete the * referrer in my list of addresses, will that just cause anything not sent to a specific address I define to be deleted? Will that screw anything up? I’m seeking a little more information about the * referrer and there isn’t much in kbase.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I highly suggest removing the catchall entirely unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Just set it to “bounce” (rather than to delete).

This won’t cause any problems. You should make sure that all addresses you do need are explicitly specified, however. I also highly suggest leaving “postmaster@” because it’s required for domains which send / receive mail.

Maybe a dumb question, but can you explain that? I don’t have it on any domains. I should?

I always thought the common names (abuse@, webmaster@, postmaster@, sales@, etc…) were spam-magnets. I have one domain that still has abuse@ and that constantly gets spammed (more proof that all spammers are braindead dirtbags).

They are spam magnets.

rfc822 (section 6.3), and its proposed replacement, rfc2822 require postmaster (and postmaster@domain) to be a valid, non case-sensitive address, so technically, if you send or receive mail, you should have this as a valid, and working address.

In general, not having one won’t cause you too many problems, but it could get your domain listed in Also, Sourceforge checks to see if you have a valid postmaster@ address before letting you subscribe to mailing lists there.

We do highly suggest having a valid postmaster address. Whether abuse@ is required for all domains is a topic of some debate. Generally, someone that has an abuse situation would probably contact our abuse box directly. It still might be a good idea to keep this address valid as well, however.

Also relevant is rfc 2142.