Email accounts question


I have set up 2 email accounts (but one user account). The second email account is mxxxxx format.

I want to edit the procmail file so that I can treat spam coming into each email account. When I log in using ftp I cannot differentiate which accounts the files in the maildir directories relate to.

Is all mail for all accounts stored within one folder hierarchy or does each account have its own directory structure?



I found something in wiki. I’m not sure whether this helps.

If you failed to edit the procmail file, you may want to try or DH panel --> Mails --> Keywords filter

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You can only setup .procmailrc files with “real” accounts, meaning if a user has got a shell/ftp account. So creating a .procmailrc file for a user who has only got a normal mail account is not possible.

Each mail account has it’s own directory structure. Even the mXXXXXX mail accounts have a /home/mXXXXXX folder, but you can’t access it because it’s not your folder and the mail user can’t login via shell.
For shell/ftp users the mail is individually stored in you /home/USER/Maildir folder.

As for as I know all the Spam is automagicly stored in the “Junk Mail” folder which is only accessible via webmail (that’s why you get Junk Mail reports when mail is stores in that folder).


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