Email account question

Does anyone know if you can use wildcards while creating an email account? For example, can you create an address such as sub* that would recognize any email coming in to various addresses such as

That way, you wouldn’t have to create a different address for each newsletter you subscribe to, but you’d still be able to tell which ones are selling your address to spammers.

I think Dreamhost discourages created “catch-all” email addresses, but you certainly have “everything” that’s not otherwise specified dumped into one email box.

From there, it would be pretty easy to go into and specify a filter that if the “TO” contains “sub” you want it forwarded to your “newsletter” account.

Whenever I sign up for something, I always use a site-specific email address (ex: It makes it a lot easier to track who is trading and selling names (or had them stolen).

If an address becomes problematic, you can go back to the addresses page on your panel and have all mail to that address get automatically deleted.