Email account password issue

After the incident last week I decided Monday to reset the email account passwords of my team. I used strong passwords that were 12 characters in length. Tuesday I found that the passwords are being rejected by the mail server. So yesterday I again reset them and this time after resetting them, I then logged into each account successfully. Again today they were being rejected.

Is there a maximum password length somewhere that doesn’t get applied until after some period of time? Or is some more insidious happening.

Anyone with ideas please let me know.

I just changed a bunch of my email passwords to strings of length 24 without issue

Thanks for the info - when I changed mine to 12 characters it was evening and they all appeared to be just fine - I logged in to each. However the next day (I looked the next evening-so it could have been earlier) the passwords were being rejected. It could be me, have your 24 char passwords been active for over a day?

I changed mine this morning - two of my email addresses (at my domain address) are fine but a third will not function - though it forwards emails to my gmail address.