Email account not working

In the thread URL below, I complained that my email was not working. So instead of whinging about it, I decided to check it out for myself…

Okay. I have a number of domains pointed at my dreamhost hosting. I get email from my main domain and get / send mail through I also have another POP account at my and send / recieve through .

The mail from is coming through without a problem. I can send and receive. The mail from is NOT coming through for me. I can send, but despite my mail client (Mac OSX Mail) logging in and checking for messages, nothing comes through! It’s like there is no email there. I’ve even emailed myself from the working address to no avail.

So I had my staff who also have POP addresses on check their email, and the test mail I sent them from my address came through perfectly.

PLEASE - what can I do to get my address working??? I was fine yesterday! With all the Dreamhost mail probs last week (basically couldnt connect to server to get mail) I’m already behind in my work. PLEASE help.


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