Email Account - invalid user/pass


I have setup an DH hosted email account for one of my domains.

When accessing the account through, I am getting invalid user/password error message.

But, when I use the credentials to login to, the access works.

I have reset the password multiple times to no avail.

Does anyone know why there would be a discrepancy and not allowing me to check webmail while still allowing me to login to mailbox manager?

Thanks in advance,


Only explanation I can think of is that you may not be using the full email address on webmail.
It should be ‘’ and not just ‘name’

Other than that I can’t think of any other explanation.



Saw this glitch on a single account years ago.

First try a different browser and if it still fails delete and recreate the account.


Have you check its not a cookie issue, I have had a lot of problems with connecting to my gmail and domain mail at the same time. I think it because my domain mail is linked to my gmail.