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Where can I find email directories for individual email accounts?

I have an email account that I created for my domain. There is 29 MB worth of email in the Inbox for that account. I am now hosting a new domain for the user in question and would like to simply move his Inbox to his new Maildir. Is this possible?

I’ve searched the entire Maildir directory but can’t find anything that resembles an Inbox (only .Sent, .Trash, etc. for the hidden files).

Thanks In Advance for any help,

Did you look in Maildir/cur and Maildir/new ?

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If it’s a mail-only account (not FTP/Shell), then you’re pretty much out of luck last I checked. The directory created for a mail-only account isn’t publicly readable, and since that user doesn’t have a shell account, they can’t log in and poke around.

When I’ve switched things around, I use IMAP, download all my mail, change my settings, then re-sync my mailboxes. It’s pretty inefficient, but those are the hoops I had to jump through.


Thanks for the reply, Scott. I was afraid that this such was the case. I guess one way around it, for me, is to make shell accounts for all of my users (only have a dozen anyway).

Actually, I might try to do this with the account of this user and see if…

Nah, nevermind! I’ll just have him download it to his own computer and deal with it himself. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the help.

Yes, I did look there. Nothing to see except MX record stuff and the obligatory “.” and “…”. Certainly wasn’t any 29 MB directories, which I would think might be easy enough to find.

Thanks for the reply though.