Email account for shell user?

Good morning!

I have several e-mail accounts that are associated with shell users, allowing me shell access to the mail directory. I have had them for several years, and I cannot for the life of me recall how I got this working. I cannot associate an existing e-mail account ( with a shell user, and I find no option to create an e-mail account when I create a new shell user.

Can anyone help with this? Specifically, I am trying to associate one of my domain postmaster mailboxes with a shell user so that I can access the mailbox through the shell, to delete some problem mail.


That no longer works. There’s something in the blog about it. But you can forward from to At least that’s what my current thinking is if that, too, hasn’t been changed.

How are you seeing this problem mail? That kind of visibility should also be the key to deleting that problem mail.