Email access for clients

How can i give a client access to set up as many email accounts and their respective passwords by himself?

Normally if somebody wants an email setting up i do it through the dreamhost control panel by myself.

How can i give him access to this ?

Unfortunately, that’s one thing you can’t open up via Account Priveleges.


But i can give someone account access to one domain, and then they can create email addresses like that?

Sorry Scott ive just realised you answered that very question.

So any advice or recommendations as to what i could do?

The client is very specific about wanting full control over email accounts

DreamHost just isn’t set up to work as a reseller service. You can’t even automate the process for someone. There’s just not currently a way to hand this off. You could ask Support for suggestions. Otherwise, you’ll have to be the one handling all of your client’s requests.