Emacs VM and smtpmail with DH


i’m looking for anyone who’s successfully set up emacs Viewmail (VM) to work with DreamHost.

i’m trying to setup smtpmail.el and the associated settings, and possibly TLS. when i do the vanilla setup, i’m not getting any kind of login prompt to connect to the SMTP server, but the trace log shows “relay access denied”. when i try to pull down the latest smtpmail.el, i get compilation errors :frowning:

if anyone’s got experience in this realm, lemme know and i can provide a lot more details (and a couple of beers for your trouble if you want…).

I’m trying to accomplish the same thing (rmail instead of VM though). I have an smtpmail configuration that works perfectly from my home Linux PC, but when I try the exact same configuration in a shell session on a Dreamhost server, I get “relay access denied”.

Any Emacs hackers out there?