Hi, I’m a current dh customer, but I am looking at migrating my yahoo egroups elist to my dreamhost account. Due to the recent marketing preference modifications made by yahoo, my users are getting spammed unmercifully. I was wondering if anyone had migrated an existing elist system over to the dh system, and what their experience has been. I really want to get away from yahoo. They are making me insane. I have somewhere between 150-200 users at a given time, and average 10-25 posts per day, depending on the flame war ratio. :]

I also have am a moderator/owner of a Yahoo group and have been thinking the same thing. I probably will be turning it over to someone else to run tho since I am not as active as I used to be.

I set a list up on DH just to see how it works. Not bad. Not as many options as with Yahoo but no ads, no spamming, and etc.

I think the best part is that you have much better control over who sees the members lists. I am suspicious of how Yahoo harvests names.


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I too mod a Yahoo Group – the one thing that decided me against moving my list, was how many of my users had found the list by searching Yahoo Groups, not an issue for some lists I know but…