Can anyone tell me if this will run on a dreamhost server, or if so what has your experience been with it?

It says it can’t run in CGI mode, but I think that’s the only option here. It didn’t used to be, though.


Interesting, I went back and checked on the features and service offered with my hosting plan (and I’m sure it’s the same for everyone) and it states that Full CGI access is available, but does that mean it’s running CGI? I don’t mean to be ignorant, there are some things I have not learned yet.

I’m confused as to whether the Elgg program is saying it can’t run if CGI is just available but not in use or if CGI scripts are present and in use. I won’t be using CGI scripts so I’m hoping this will work.

Full CGI access is available, as that’s an environment you use for running scripts. However, the Elgg site says that running PHP under the CGI environment won’t work.

Someone here with a better understanding of how Apache and PHP interact may jump in, but in the old days, we could run PHP “directly,” which is a bit of a security risk, so new accounts only run PHP in an isolated CGI sandbox. Again, Elgg doesn’t seem to like this.


Ok thank you for getting back with me on this.