El cheapo here

I started with the 9.99 plan a year ago… remember how you’re supposed to be able to upgrade later and still get the original prices? Can you still do this? Because when I click add services, it only shows current prices as selections.

(yes, I’m a cheapskate :slight_smile:

Once you’re moved to the new sytem you can’t upgrade using the old prices. Our price freeze states that you’ll always pay the same price for your existing plan; however if you switch plans, you have to pay the new price.

I didn’t ask to be moved. I liked dh1 just fine, thank you. I notice you worded it like “once you’re moved to the new system”… I didn’t sign up with a system, I signed up with a company. The new system thing is yours, not mine.

The only difference to me between first tier plan/second tier plan-old prices/new prices used to be perl capability but now it’s that I won’t upgrade, ever. But hey, losing one insignificant customer won’t hurt you a bit.

I don’t understand what you’re saying the difference is between dh1 and dh2 in terms of upgrading exactly…

our prices have gone up a bit since dh1, but we are still letting people for a while upgrade to the old plans. We also aren’t raising prices for anybody on any old plans ever. I’m not sure what the complaint is. You can still upgrade to the old prices if you haven’t been moved yet too.