eGroupaware Slow

I have an install eGroupware up and running now, but it is painfully slow. Are there any tweaks that I can make to the install/PHP.ini to make it faster. Maybe Horde would be a better choice?

I guess I could’ve been a little more descriptive in my last post. My eGroupWare install appears to be functioning fine, but whenever I login or click a link it takes a long time (a number of seconds) before anything happens. Is there anything that can be done to speed up these requests?

Does it get faster as you use it? It could be initial parsing of code going on. Once it’s parsed it, it should cache and be run without having to parse afterwards.

Or it could just suck (grin)

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Nope, never speeds up at all.

If it sucks, care to offer any alternatives then?

An application can perform poorly for at least two reasons -

  1. the hardware and software environment is not suited to the application. Possible, as shared hosting does provide the strongest environment, memory is limited and everything is shared. An application that requires more resource will be constrained.

  2. The application can be written in a way that it simply cannot function well in a limited environment or that it just performs poorly in general.

I can tell you that I have no experience with egroupware - although I have considered installing it myself. I wasn’t trying to imply your choice was bad. I really don’t have a list of actual alternatives available.

I was just trying to let you know that many applications do take a little bit for the server to adjust to the first time it’s started. JSP based systems are REALLY bad about that. (not to imply that egroupware is JSP based, I know it isn’t because it wouldn’t run here if it was).

The wiki doesn’t have any hints on egroupware. Maybe someone else here has experience with it.

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Thanks wholly.

I was searching around for some other alternatives and Horde has come up as another possibility. I think I might try to tackle that one today or this weekend. Anyone have experience installing it?

The wiki at has information on using Horde at dreamhost.

For once I can help rather than just sound like I’m bashing your choice. (Like I said, I’d considered eGroupware.)

Wholly - Use promo code WhollyMindless for full 97$ credit. Let me know if you want something else!

Thanks, I’ll have a look at that guide. I just wonder what the responsiveness will be like with Horde.

My whole reasoning behind looking at these groupware suites is to be able to access my mail, calendar and tasks from anywhere. Also, the ability to connect (without having to pay for an additional module) with a Blackberry or Windows Mobile Phone is also something that I’m looking into for when I get a new phone in the new year.

I was also looking at using GMail, as that wouldn’t require any maintenance on my part, but I know that work blocks access to that site, so it really isn’t viable.

Have you considered google apps for your domain? Depending on how work has blocked gmail, this may still work for you.

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