Eggdrops still disallowed?


searched kbase for “eggdrop”

from “v0.1 November 1998”

[quote]We have been very lenient in the past towards allowing IRC bots on our
server. We are one of the few professional hosting companies that allow
them at all in fact. Unfortunately, we have decided to temporarily
disallow all irc bots from running on our server (eggdrop, bitchX, etc…)
effective immediately.
This will have to stand until we have time to
review the current situation. You may still use irc from our server, just
no bots.[/quote]
1998 is quite awhile ago… any idea if irc bots are still disallowed?


Anything related to running IRC on your plan is not allowed.

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ah, of course. i should have known to search for ‘IRC’

slaps forehead

thanks for the response