Efiction 3.1.1 problems



I installed the latest (3.1.1) fresh.
Firefox is my (safe mode changed nothing)
I have master password set + remember on the check box

I cleared cache and I have not been able to logout for the last 5 min.

site - www.fanforge.net

I made another admin, he can’t logout either. Here are his system specs:

win xp
firefox (
tried safe mode and he cleared cache. no change, still stuck

if i restart my computer, i’ll be logged out. friend surmises it to be a session problem server side

I asked efiction.org and they concur server side.


causes an infinite loop (might crash your browser/os)

efiction people say they can do nothing, its settings, but i have no idea since its a clean install


Looks like I fixed the first problem and they fixed the second.

First was fixed with a work around, second with one mentioned in your wiki I was pointed to.