Effective way to get referrals

I signed up on Dreamhost’s recent promotion, but I would like to drive referrals to my web ID so that I can get $. As a college student, I don’t want to knowingly throw away chances at making money. :slight_smile:

But the problem is that everybody else I know is a cheap student like myself and doesn’t need webhosting.

Any suggestions on how best to get referrals? What have you found to be an effective way of grabbing referrals? I searched this forum but couldn’t find any topics. Thanks :slight_smile:


Dreamhost.com – Compare the plans and signup here!

Just start a really cool webpage and toss up some ads. :slight_smile:

If you really want to make money do a little reselling like a domain and 200mb of space for 30 a year. Dreamhost allows you to resell and I bet some of your friends would like to have a custom e-mail address and some webspace to upload photos and pics for forums.

I’ve done some research and a friend and I are going to combine our hosting and if we get 8 other people to buy something like I just described we can get a dedicated server. So hopefully in a month or two hehe :smiley: