Effective method to complaint?


I found the my sites hosted by DreamHost are very slow and unstable. I sent request to CS for many times but every reply were not related and even nonsense.

Any guys also had such experience? Please give me some advise. I’m new to here and I don’t wanted to give up my paid service charge and switch to another hosting company…

I don’t think all of you guys have the same problem because my friend who also use dreamhost but his site up and running find (http://blog.hk). But my site (http://hkcollege.net) was unstable or even down for about 2 weeks…

Thanks and Regards.

Root Lau

I have no problem visiting your site :slight_smile:

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Well, I can visiting my site without any problem “now”. As the past two weeks, sometime normal, sometime slow down, sometime MySQL error…

Root Lau

My site is down right now. It’s been down on and off for months now.

Baku server.
Running wordpress and gallery2.

Completly subjective observation:
Both feel very slow. Didnt feel that way until 8-10 months back.

Both of these sites seem equally zippy to me, especially considering they are socialmedia installs.

Are you on a shared server or PS? You’ll always have some slow times running script heavy applications on a shared server.