How do you get into the editing section, do create and edit my web page?

umm… I’m not quite clear on what you’re asking about. Dreamhost doesn’t create webpages for you.

You’ll have to create them on your comtpuer, and then upload them. You could use a program like NVU, and then upload them using a Program like Cute FTP. (both free!)

If you need more clirfaciotn on this topics, chekc out the K-base - It’s very helpful. If this isn’t what you were talking about, please try asking a more specific question.


hmm, what im talking about is where do i put my HTML… I have it all made ect. I just need to upload it.

You should have received an FTP login and password when you created your Dreamhost account.

You can either use your favorite FTP program or go through your Web Panel > Domains > Manage and click on the link to “Upload to Site”.

Once you’re there, there should be a folder with your domain’s name on it. That’s where you want to put your files.

Good luck!

how do i get the files in there?

i tried downloading that Cute FTP thing, but I can’t understand a thing of how to use it, and the instructions for it arn’t working all to great for me.

Not the best way to do it, but…

If you’re using Microsoft Explorer as your browser, when you click on the “Upload to website” link next to your domain name in your Webpanel, a window will pop open.

That window will allow you to navigate into the folder you want and you can then drag and drop your files and sub-folders from your local computer (drag the files from one window to the other).

I hope that works for you.

alright, so i dragged them into the midnight-fever folder [my website is midnight-fever.com] so, then when i go to it, it lists to different folders, how do i make it to show my site that i worked so hard on?

Make sure to name your home page to index.html - and from it you can link to your other files.
There are some very useful and helpful guides in DreamHost’s Knowledge Base to help you get started.
All the best -