Editing wp-config.php file


How do I –

configure for Bit.ly plugin?
I know what needs to be added to wp-config.php – just dont know how to locate and edit that php file in my dreamhost database.

It sounds like a simple cut and paste and add a couple items, but I don’t want to mess it up.

Here’s what my instructions say:

Then add the following to your site’s wp-config.php, anywhere before the “stop editing here” line. Don’t forget to replace “” and “” with respectively your username and API key:

1 /**
2 * Settings for Bit.ly Shortlinks Plugin
3 * http://yoast.com/wordpress/bitly-shortlinks/
4 **/
5 define(‘BITLY_USERNAME’, ‘’);
6 define(‘BITLY_APIKEY’, ‘’);
8 // optional, if you want to use j.mp URLs instead of bit.ly URLs
9 define(‘BITLY_JMP’, true);


The wp-config.php is in the domain/folder you installed wordpress in.

You can edit it by downloading it by FTP and then use notepad, but I recommend you use NotePad++, which is free to use.
Be sure you have a backup of wp-config.php (so download-FTP it 2 times in different places).
This is a very important php. 1 mistake and wp will stop working, so backup the original file.
Also after every update of wordpress you will have to do it all again, if the update overwrites the php.