Editing wordpress files installed during a 1 click install


Hi Dreamhost!

I recently created an account and installed wordpress via your installer for my website whowearemusic.com.

I’d like to access the files of one of my installed themes, and so I logged into the webftp. I did not see where wordpress was installed on the webftp account (all folders were empty!)

So I assume I must log in someplace else but am unsure where. I tried to log into phpmyadmin but am told I am using the wrong username/password. Where do I find the correct login for this area? And is this even the right place to be going.

I’m looking to replace a few social media icons in my wp theme.

Thanks in advance for the support.



To get the login info for your myphpadmin click here https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=goodies.mysql& - find where it says “Database(s) on this server:” > then to the right locate “Users with Access” > click on the user name > find where it says “Current Password:” and click show … that is how you can get the correct login credentials from your DH panel

hope this helps,
Matt C


If you want to change out images that are part of a template you need access to the files, not the database. You do this using FTP.

Log into your domain using the user and password that the domain is running under. Your files should be there, navigate to the themes directory and then into your chosen theme.


They’re in /home/yourid/whowearemusic.com/wp-content/themes :slight_smile:


Hi Gentlemen,

Thank you for the replies. I’m still stuck .

I tried all your instructions. ArtGeek and Ipstenu-DH, you guys are right that I’m trying to access the FTP, not the mysql database …

When connecting via ftp, all I’m seeing are 2 directories called Maildir and Logs. I tried going to the directory Ipstenu said and it say’s it cannot find it. Sure I’m making a noob mistake here.
Nevermind… I figured it out…

I didn’t realize that only one user can access this area… so I changed it to be the one I was logging in with and BAM folder was there. : )

Thank you all for the help.



I was going to say to make sure you’re logged in as the right user :slight_smile: If you need more help, just let us know. We’re here for you!