Editing PHP

Took over hosting admin recently, and trying to figure out an easy way to edit the PHP of the WP files. Please explain options for shared hosting aside from local editing / scp uploading.


You can use a command-line editor to edit them live.

However, you should not edit core WP, theme, or plugin files. Use a child theme to make modifications.

Thanks, Smarty Pants.

I’m not sure quite how to translate your post, but a very wise and experienced WP user was attempting to help you, and prevent you from making a common mistake.

The simplest method is local editing. Setup winSCP and sublime text to work together to automate the process of retrieving the file, edit locally, re-upload the edited file. I believe that is likely the best configuration for a developer to use, but it takes a minute to get it all set up for simple automated process going forward.