Editing Mailman Message Headers

I’ve used Mailman for several years now without any complaints (as a list administrator). The newer version, which DH uses, includes an amazing number of list administration e-mail addresses in the header of every message.

I’m kinda guessing that’s for the benefit of the Webless subscribers. However, it takes up a huge bit of landscape in an individual’s mail-reader window…the message starts somewhere around 1/3 to 1/2 of the way down the screen.

Does anyone know a way to turn OFF the headers if, as in the case of DH shared hosting, we don’t have access to the Mailman script?

I think the recipient’s view depends on what mail program he/she is using, and how it’s configured; most mail messages have a lot of headers that aren’t usually shown, unless your mail reader is in “show full headers” mode.

– Dan

There’s a radio button to turn on/off the List-* headers at the bottom of the General Options page of the Mailman config.