Editing httpd.conf to use mod_rewrite

hello. i want to use the mod_rewrite module and need to edit my httpd.conf file - or do I? how do i do this using Dreamhost and shared servers?

help me obi wan, you’re my only hope … etc etc… …

thank you in advance and i send you a virtual beer for your friendliness,

~ starfruitman

You can only edit your httpd.conf if you’re using a dedicated host (=paying ~$150/mo.) – if you’re using a shared host then you don’t have access to httpd.conf but you can still use the .htaccess files in your web root and in each subdirectory. This might get you (almost) as far.

I’m on a shared host and also trying to use mod_rewrite with little success so far, but please search the forums for this to get some clues. I’m not a httpd/htaccess guru either…


Have you seen these on Apache’s site?

Apache 1.3 URL Rewriting Guide
Module mod_rewrite URL Rewriting Engine

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awesome. cool. thanks for the links. i just need to be able to mess around and learn it and using the .htaccess is fine.

thank you.