Edited Podcast Files Safe to Overwrite?


I have started a podcast and after 2 episodes, I have found myself having to change the theme song. That is fine for episodes 3 and onward but I went back and edited in the new theme song on the first 2 episodes as well. Here is my question:

If I overwrite the 2 episodes on the server with the newly edited versions, will this be okay? I won’t screw anything up, will I? My podcast is featured on iTunes and I am hoping the new edits will be picked up and the old versions will simply be overwritten and all is well. Is it that simple or am I flirting with disaster by overwriting the existing podcast audio files.

I would like the old episodes to be changed obviously. Also, I have a strict naming convention for the episodes bu date (e.g. - 2012-01-15, 2012-01-22) and it is important that the new podcast edits have the same titles as the existing episodes on the server since the podcast is sports news related and the dates are very important.

Anyone have any thoughts, advice or input?