Edit www. settings on local server


I am hosting a server locally, not using web hosting. Is there a way to edit the www. preferences, because people can’t connect to my server with www. imputed.


Definitely! You’ll just need to set up custom DNS records. You can make these changes in your DH web panel under Domains > Manage Domains, then click “DNS” below your domain.

This wiki article may be helpful: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Custom_DNS

And please, please don’t hesitate to contact our wonderful Tech Support team here (http://dhurl.org/dhsupport) if you need assistance!


Ok… i have added a A entry for www. and it takes me to my site. But when i use enter www. it changes to the server ip in the address bar when the site loads.

Ex. www.flimsy888.com vs flimsy888.com


I’d suggest looking into the current http settings on your local server (what are you running?). The domain is properly resolving to as you have set in our web panel, and your domain name remains in my address bars with or without www. Additionally, the only IP we see mentioned is the site title,