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I’ve had a few websites hosted here for many years. I have provided the content and meta tags, etc., but have hired people to set them up.

Until I am again in a financial position to hire someone to redesign my website, I need to change the content in my sites A.S.A.P. myself. I do not know HTML and have no time to learn in the near future. An immediate solution would be for me to edit the content so that the information is up-to-date and leave all designs and page layouts, etc. alone.

What software would you recommend that would enable me to change content the easiest and fastest?

I was recommended coffee-cup by a friend, but after I read reviews on it, decided it may do more harm than good. Someone else recommended another one, but it said not to use it on pages that were designed using HTML.

Would I need FTP software too?

Thank you for your help!

While it would probably help if you had provided a link so we could see what tools were used and how your existing sites are coded, if you are not wiling to learn HTML (or xHTML), I recommend checking out NVU.

As WYSIWYG editors go, it probably generates the best code, it is easy to use, and it is free (as in the “freedom” sense and in the “Free beer” sense).

It does have a “publishing” (ftp) function, but it wouldn’t hurt to grab yourself a separate ftp/sftp client (you can find more on this on the DreamHost Wiki.

You also might find it helpful to review other wiki articles , you can find a lot of help there as well as on the web in general.


Are you limiting yourself to free tools? The folks here at work swear by Dreamweaver, but it’s pretty pricey at $200-$400.

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In the future, try to hire a web designer + web developer who can set you up a content management system like Joomla, Drupal, etc. It will make your life much easier. :slight_smile:

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Is the info you want to update entered directly into a static HTML page? Or is it being pulled from a database and displayed on the page?

If you’re just talking about updating simple things in an HTML page that are already there, like prices, company info, etc… that are easily found in the text, then you could just use a simple text editor like Notepad (and a little patience). Then FTP it into your domain directory, overwriting the old ones.

I’d recommend doing it on your computer and saving it there. That way, you can see what you’ve done first, plus you’ll have a backup in case you need it later.

If this info is being pulled from a database, then that’s different.

If your site uses a CMS of some sort, then there’s probably already an easy way to log in and make changes. Even if you paid someone to make your site, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they didn’t build it on an existing product.

If you want to link to your site here, someone might be able to give more info, or tell if a certain script is being used that has an admin section.

If you don’t want to link to it, look around the site. Are there any "Powered by " or "This site uses " type of links in the footer? How about the source code? Sometimes they’re mentioned in there, or there will be copyright/license info comments.

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Thank you for your quick assistance! Good idea about including the website…www.LadysmithBandB.com

For the easiest and fastest, the notepad editor may do for now. I appreciate the time taken to respectfully answer my questions and offer suggestions.

The new info, like the old, is being pulled from me. :slight_smile:

It looks like plain HTML, so you should be fine with the Notepad method.

Just watch for formatting tags (Ex:

, , , etc…) when editing the text–basically anything between < and >.

Without learning the basics of HTML, I’d stick with just replacing plain text with the updates, keeping it between existing tags, if you want to keep things the same (line breaks, bold, italics, etc…).

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