Edit httpd.conf?

I know that I can’t edit httpd.conf for my shared account, but I need to follow the following instruction:

[i]3.) Set up PHP to autoprepend tourney_tracker.inc for each page served by Tournament Tracker.

In the httpd.conf file of apache, use:

php_admin_value auto_prepend_file PATH_TO_TOURNAMENT_TRACKER/tourney_tracker.inc

Or, in /usr/lib/php.ini, add:
auto_prepend_file PATH_TO_TOURNAMENT_TRACKERtourney_tracker.inc[/i]

Now, don’t worry too much about the specifics; just the fact that I need to edit one of these files. Can it be done?

You might be able to do the php_admin_value in .htaccess, but it will only work with mod_php (not php-cgi). The only other way would probably be to build your own version of php and run it as a cgi (see kbase).

There may be some other way to do what you want with mod_rewrite, though I couldn’t personally give you a specific suggestion on how to do it.