Edit HTTP Settings

I just wanna make sure I’ve got this right …

In the Domains>Web>Edit section I have two options :

A Parked Domain
A Domain Redirect

As I have a live site I don’t want a place holder when users access my WWW.
So after choosing Domain Redirect it says what URL do I want it to redirect to …

This I don’t understand… I want users to access my WWW domain name. I’m hosted, so it shouldn’t redirect to a freehost address and the only URL I have is my own WWW…

Is this what I should enter ?

Are you sure you only have 2 options? If your the domain you click to “Edit” is the one you want your visitors to go to, and it is supposed to be hosted on DreamHost, then either DreamHost hasn’t finished setting up your domain or something is wrong and you should contact Support. Once DreamHost is ready for hosting your web site with your domain, you would see a “A Fully Hosted Domain” option. “Fully Hosted” options control where the files are located and what user the CGI runs as if you enable CGI. There would also be a fourth option, a “Mirrored Domain”.