Edit files online

Is there any capability to edit your files using the control panel?

The reason I ask is that I’d like to change my mom’s host over to dreamhost, but I’d rather not teach her how to use FTP, the host she’s currently on allows her to open up the file through a web interface and make quick edits there. (she’s just changing content, not writing web apps here…)

No, not currently. There are CMS program you could install to add that feature to her account, but it would require set-up from you. Check out simpleCMS or ETomite.

Dreamhost does have a one-click install of WordPress, which could be used to run a site (with browser-based updating as well as the ability to customize, change templates, styles).

I sometimes wonder if DH should create a simple site manager for its users.

I found a low-tech way to do this for a client once what I think you’re trying to do without the trouble of installing a full CMS.

Check out SnippetMaster. Once you install it, you add a couple tags at the insertion points in your HTML and users can login and choose which page and which snippet they want to edit.

I would feel comfortable using this as a solution for my mom if she just wanted to occasionally edit content.

Some (most?) ftp clients support an editor for just that purpose. I know I have FileZilla set up to use notepad++ at work and editplus at home. All I do is run FileZilla, click on the website name already configured to connect to the site and the specific directory I want to ‘land’ in - and then click on the filename I want to edit. It appears in the editor, I edit, and when I close the file it asks me if I want to save it on the server. Why yes, yes I do. All done!

FileZilla keeps settings in a handy xml file so you can set it all up for her and then she really just points and clicks.

Failing that, a wiki that supports authentication - with your mom as the only authorized user - might be an option.

This looks pretty cool.

I also ran across this: Flyspeck Editor. It is not free, costs $39.95, but seems to be very easy for the end user to understand.

Thanks for the help guys, good to know i have a few options…Etomite and Flyspeck seem to be more involved than i want to commit to, so i’ll probably give snippetmaster a try first…

I’ll have to second the idea of DH offering some sort of site management tool, as it would allow me to do some screwing around while I’m behind the firewall at work :wink:

How about using a wiki tool instead? Go to any of your webpages, click EDIT, make your changes, click SAVE, and boom – there it is. Directly in your browser.

DH has a MediaWiki one-click install that makes it easy for you. I recommend TWiki though, but it’s as much a personal preference as a matter of requirements. Check it out.

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the reason i don’t want to use a wiki would be that the site is already established, and there’s really only one section that needs changing…doesn’t seem worth it to go with a whole wiki or CMS system for something like this…

an online site management utility would be an excellent addition to the tools available on DH…

Another thing that could accomplish what you’re going for is to create a MySQL database and use PHP Include to place it in your page. Go to PHPMyAdmin and edit the content as needed.

There’s a “one click” (actually a few clicks) install of Mambo now too. It’s a full blown CMS but you don’t have to be so technical to set it up and you can give users access to be able to edit content online.

I found it hard to get used to the layouts and skins, but if you know a bit of html and css you can customize it and your users don’t need any technical know-how once it’s up.


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