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Hi everybody, name is Doug…

I’m brand new to hosting my own site, and I’m doing it primarily for the sake of hosting a photography portfolio, as well as events and such. In the case of weddings or head shots, I’d like to have a way for my clients to purchase prints, which seems like an easy enough thing to do.

The software that I have installed on to the server is called Koken Creative website builder. Its primary focus is on making a nice looking portfolio website. It comes with a few built in plugins, but nothing for commerce.

My end goal is to link it to a blog, and I’ll probably use Wordpress for that end of it and to use for client soft proofing. I’m thinking that if it’s not possible to hook up a commerce exchange on top of that software, that maybe I’d be able to do so from within the Wordpress blog side of it?

Not sure of how the logistics would go on that one but… I guess it would be easier to try and keep it on the Koken side of things, if possible.

The company’s website is

I’m going to guess that not a lot (if any) of people here have even heard of this company. It’s really small. Added bonus to my plight… is that they are selling the business off, so it may not even last long enough for me to take this endeavor to the next step with them. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, as I’m sure there are other options, but I’m actually really liking how their web based software works.

They say that they’re going to sell it to someone or a company who has the intent of carrying on the business, but we’ll see.

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time,

Doug B

Don;t know if anyone formal will answer this, but from my experience, if you go the wordpress route you will have the option of a lot of commerce-orientated plugins which are easy to use. But you are constrained to an extent in the layout of your website.

I switched from wordpress to allow greater layout option - but the downside is that for commerce you loose all the plugin support : )

There are a lot of free themes available for WordPress that are specifically designed for photoblogs:

Additionally, most themes available in the official WordPress theme repository are easily altered using a child theme.