Easy website creation

I run into people all the time who ask me how to get their own domain name, custom e-mail address, and website. I usually steer them toward DreamHost, but something that DreamHost is lacking for the beginner is a website creation program. Since I code my websites manually (Programmer’s Notepad 2!) I don’t really have any experience with website creators. Does anyone have any recommendations for software that would be great for a beginner? I’m open to all suggestions, but here is what I’m looking for:

  1. Low cost - free would be great.
  2. The beginning user should not have to see any HTML code.
  3. Has some nice looking, non-gimicky(is that a word?) templates to start with.
  4. Built-in FTP would be great as well.

Any thoughts?


With DreamHost’s “one-click” install, and the massive collection of free themes around, the “pages” capability of WordPress is pretty hard to beat.

–DreamHost Tech Support