Easy way to handle forms & create database entry?


I am working on a site that is still in draft stages, and am looking for advice on how to do the forms, as it has 3 different types of forms on the front page. I remember that forms where always the hardest thing for me and was hoping things have gotten easier or I can be guided to the right advice. Since this website has 3 forms just on the front page, I thought I would appeal for some help and advice how on how to do this right.

This is the site (still a Work In Progress):

We have 3 forms-

Sign up for our Newsletter:
Recommend this site to a Friend:
and Submit your Testimonial:

Is there an easy way to make these forms work and make a database of their contents, instead of depending on it sending an email, and trying to compile a list that way? Or perhaps create a database entry and send an email?

There must be an easy (or automated) way to do this right? Can you point me to what I need to do? I don’t have alot of experience with forms or database, so please be as specific as possible.

Here is the code for one of my forms, Recommend this site to a friend, as an example.

Thanks in Advance for any Help!!
Best Regards,
Anthony B.


Recommend This Site to A Friend


Any advice?

Also is there a built in way to do email autoresponders with Dreamhost?

Thanks in Advance for your help!

Sending these forms straight to a database might not be the best approach. Plus, I’m lazy when it comes to coding.

  1. Newsletter: This should be done with an Announce or Discussion list, as creating an email list needs to be double opt-in, and the DH list managers handle all this pretty well for you:

  2. Recommend this site to a friend: This is an invitation to spam if not carefully crafted. The built in form mail script can handle this for you.

  3. Submit your Testimonial: Again, try form mail and have it email you the result so you can post legitimate testimonials. I’ve used form mail to email me an html formatted club member profile that I then copy and past to my site.

For an autoresponder, you can add one to a fully hosted email address by going to mailboxes.example.com and scrolling down a bit.

Thank you, I will take your advice and go with the easier way and have it just send a email.

For the autoresponders, what I meant is when someone signs up to the newsletter, or recommends a friend, or gives a testimonial, that we automatically email them out an email confirmation, preferably looking like an HTML layout or newletter design… I guess setting an autoresponder from email may work if I can set it to send out an HTML formated email. Is this how most autoresponders work?

Thanks for the help!

Hmm, that announcement list wants us to resubscribe members that are already on our mailing list through icontact.

Is there another way to do this so we don’t have to have them resubscribe?

I will be using icontact to send out the newsletters.

I am thinking about just using Formmail:

But how can I configure this to recommend a friend? It doesn’t seem possible to use Formmail since the friends email isnt a Dreamweaver hosted site.

Any suggestions?