Easy "Transfer Site to Another User" function for Freelancers


My suggestion is a feature that would make it easier for developers and freelancers to transfer sites to another user or configure and then “send” that site to a client.

There are lots of site marketplaces (I won’t list them here) where people list “starter sites” as well as “established sites” and I think that a one-click transfer of the site files (not necessarily the domain name) would be a feature that makes DreamHost the go-to place for these kinds of things just as GoDaddy is often the go-to place for domain transfers due to their member-to-member ease of transfers.

Just an idea.
Be the go-to place :slight_smile:


Hello jsp,

Thank you for the wonderful suggestion. This is definitely something that is on the radar for 2018. We are definitely reviewing this option and others right now to improve the reselling experience and make it easier for users to transfer data between DreamHost accounts.