EASY question, may even be silly

Hi everyone!
I have been an affiliate for about 9 months but never put it to use well I didn’t know much about it, I have another reseller’s business and have been busy with that.

Well I started to pay attention today, and I still can’t believe it’s really that simple, living the life of an affiliate, plus I DO HAVE DYSLEXIA, SO HERE IT GOES…Does the domain I choose pertain to each item I am marketing as an affiliate, and do i need a new domain for each service or product I market ?

Again Im still shocked, how simple the steps are. Don’t get me wrong I do realize that the steps are very entailed, but if you are familiar with the steps; its time consuming fun!!

What exactly are you an affiliate for? I’m assuming it’s someone/something other than DreamHost.

Well I’m trying to decide…see my company name is RonCyn Unlimited we r resellers of general merchandise i.e. jewelry, electronics. I constantly stumble on affiliate programs, free web hosting, domain names, etc and now I just found e-mail marketing. With a name like ours, I think I can market a little bit of everything am I right or do i just have to do something like

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