Easy but annoying question about index.html

ok. whenever I try to replace my existing index.html file with a newer one on filezilla, it tells me it has replaced it, but when I visit my site. www.excelego.com it is still displaying the old one from days ago. I’ve even tried deleting it, and then uploading index.html to the server, it still displays the older one with the smaller file size, but the older one is no where to be found on the server. however, if i go to www.excelego.com/index.html it displays the correct one, how do i get it, so that file is what users are directed to when they type in my url?thanks.

it may be your cache in your browser. delete your cache, close your browser, reopen and see if it works.

ahhh, that works, thanks. How often is cache usually cleared? because visitors that visit my site lets say every morning, they wouldnt be able to see the newly updated page?

Actually, I really don’t know that answer. I have always assumed it depends on the particular browser, how much internet trolling one actually does, etc.

Personally, I have never had to delete my cache. Not really sure why though (I am on a macintosh, and use several browsers and OS’s)…I would like to know more about cache too. Google time again!

I was using firefox, never hit me to preview it on IE im on windowx xp though. Im gonna google it as well.