Easy blogs?

I am thinking of joining Dreamhost. However, does anyone if I can create a blog easily? I was at netfirms.com and they have a software that allows me to create a blog and photo album easily. I was wondering if Dreamhost has this kind of software aswell.


Dreamhost has one-click install of the blog software Wordpress.

PS: Also it has one-click install of the photo album software Gallery.

Cool. Thanks a lot for the information!!

It also has “Gallery2” as a one click install that handles pictures and movies quite well.


The following software is available as a ‘one-click install’ via the DreamHost panel.

WordPress v2.0.5
Gallery v2.1.2
Zen Cart v1.3.6
Joomla v1.0.11
PHPBB v2.0.22
MediaWiki v1.8.2
ActiveCollab v0.7
WebCallendar v1.0.4
Advanced Poll v2.03
Central Desktop

The versions obviously change from time to time and updates can also be done via the admin panel.


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You can do it easily with blogger too :

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The hardest part of blogs is writing them, not the software.

They need more support help.
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